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Mueller~Rosso~Ware~Family Blog

Welcome to the family blog that explores the lives of the ancestors of Jenifer Mueller, Anna Ware (Mueller), Ryan Rosso, and Justin Ware. Each blog post will explore the life of ancestor which will include pictures, newspaper articles, and historical documents. The blog is researched and written by Jeny Mueller - hi! 

I created this blog to easily share the stories of our family but also a way to gather all the information that I've collected. Please share this site to other family members who want to know more about our story. I'm excited to share this journey to understand and learn about our family!

Surnames on the Mueller side include (not limited to):

- Mueller

- Cane 

- Kelly 

- Schaffer

- Murphy

- Johnson

Surnames on the Rosso side include (not limited to):

- Rosso

- Zant

- Wiegerink

- Been 

- Zuverink

- De Jonge

Surnames on the Ware side include (not limited to):

- Ware

- Luczyn

- King 

- McMillan

- Adams

- Cope


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